AFT Arrow

AFT Arrow 4.00

It provides compressible pipe flow analysis and system modeling capabilities

AFT Arrow provides comprehensive, compressible pipe flow analysis and system modeling capabilities combined with ease-of-use. Addressing open and closed loop systems, AFT Arrow includes a built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, fan/compressor and control valve modeling and much more. With the optional Chempak add-in, a thermo- physical database of approximately 600 gases is available to further expand the envelope of your analysis and design. AFT Arrow goes beyond the boundaries of fluid flow analysis, with thermal analysis capabilities including piping heat transfer, heat exchanger modeling and varying fluid properties.

AFT Arrow employs a robust solver using proven matrix methods to solve the governing equations of pipe flow to conduct a true and rigorous compressible flow solution. AFT Arrow is unique in its ability to solve for adiabatic, isothermal and generalized heat transfer conditions and with sonic choking. The full power of this technical sophistication is readily accessible through an advanced visual interface.

More than flow analysis, AFT Arrow lets you build your piping system in software. Vary pipe sizes, compressor/fan curves, valve settings, fluid properties, operating lineup, accurately simulating the individual system components and their interaction.

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